The List of Hashes

The hashes Pop Her Smurf has hared

Hash Number Type Location Description Date City
1623 Regular Holy Ground Irish Pub Halfway to St. Patrick's Day Hash 2019/09/16 (Mon) New Orleans
1574 Regular Shelter 10 4th Anal Happy Hooters Hash 2018/10/07 (Sun) New Orleans
1571 Regular Holy Ground Halfway to St. Patrick's Day 2018/09/17 (Mon) New Orleans
1563 Regular Harrison Ave & Fleur De Lis 2018/07/23 (Mon) New Orleans
1561 Regular The Rusty Nail Running of the Bull Shit Has 2018/07/09 (Mon) New Orleans
1529 Regular Tarpon Joe's 2017/11/26 (Sun) Metairie
1526 Regular Clay Square World Peace Through Beer Hash 2017/11/05 (Sun) New Orleans
1521 Regular Shelter 10 3rd Anal Happy Hooters Hash 2017/10/02 (Mon) New Orleans
1511 Regular Melba's Old School Poboys Daquiri Hash 2017/07/24 (Mon) New Orleans