The List of Hashes

The hashes Just Alyssa De has done

Hash Number Type Location Description Date City
1432 Regular Palmer Park The Real Steve Irwin Hash 2016/01/17 (Sun) New Orleans
1415 Regular Old Funeral Home behind Dillard's Back to the BestBank 2015/09/21 (Mon) Gretna
1413 Regular Pontiff Playground Labor Day Hash 2015/09/07 (Mon) Metairie
1412 Regular Canal Blvd & Lane Katrina Hash 2015/08/29 (Sat) New Orleans
1411 Regular Mickey Markey Park 2015/08/24 (Mon) New Orleans
1410 Regular Audubon Park 2015/08/17 (Mon) New Orleans
1408 Regular The Old US Mint Red Skirt Run 2015/08/03 (Mon) New Orleans
1407 Regular Hash Fountain 2015/07/27 (Mon) New Orleans
1405 Regular Shelter 1 on the lake Summer Swim Hash 2015/07/13 (Mon) New Orleans
1404 Regular Cooter Brown's Running of the Bull Shit Hash 2015/07/06 (Mon) New Orleans
1403 Regular The Fly 2015/06/29 (Mon) New Orleans